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09 August 2010 @ 01:50 am
Title: Gay Boy Wars/Candle Wax and Ice Cubes (you decide what to call it, I can't XD)
Genre: Crack
Rating: R
Pairing: OnKey, JongKey, JongYu :D
Words: 2,538
Summary: Kibum has to choose a boyfriend, so his best friends help decide.

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05 August 2010 @ 05:01 am
Title: Her Whisper is the Lucifer
Genre: Crack
Pairing: JongKey
Rating: G
Summary: Jonghyun decides to write Kibum a song, and Kibum is not quite amused with the results. Hint: Up & Down
Note: FYI, I'll be posting another fic within the next few days.  I spent four and a half hours straight writing it tonight, but those four and a half hours started at midnight.  I hear my father getting up to go to work as I type this.  Anyway, if you're interested in some risque, cracky, ot3 action, stick around.  After I fix the half-coherent enduced typos and such, it will appear on my journal.  Carry on~

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18 July 2010 @ 04:54 am
Title: Mooooooove Along
Genre: Crack, absolute crack.
Pairing: JongKey
Special Appearance by: Jessica Jung
Rating: T
Warnings: M/M, language, suggestive themes, un-beta'd.
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this fiction represent those of individual fictional characters and unless clearly labeled as such do not represent the opinions or policies of BigSHINeeShinKi. No claims are made or responsibilities assumed for the contents of Kim Kibum's fictional brain.
Disclaimer 2: In the words of my elder sister, importing Korean pop stars is illegal. *woe is me*
Note: I didn't work on this fic until after 4AM each night. o.o It is insane, cracky, and full of fail/win. Also, seriously, I'm not anti-SNSD, nor am I anti-Jessica. I don't ~like~ either of said names, but I don't hate them, either. I do not wish for any harm to come of Jessica. I do not believe that this is her personality. I merely portrayed her in such a way for entertainment; in fact, I only used her name because I needed one.
Summary: Kibum is forced to deal with the insanity that is Jonghyun's fanclub.

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13 June 2010 @ 07:48 pm
Wow, it’s been quite a long time since I’ve dared to post anything on this journal. To be perfectly honest, I doubt anyone that hasn’t found this post from the communities in which it was linked is even reading this. The last time I posted a fanfiction was November 29th, 2009, and I find that piece of information to be rather pathetic. Of course, I had my reasons. College defeats even the best of us, and being sixteen and in college is even tougher. Fan-fictions were, unfortunately, put on hold for quite a long time. Then, shineesosexxiii, aka Tiffany, one of my dearest friends, and I decided to take a shot at doing some iTunes drabbles. The aim of the game is to write a drabble in the duration of a single song. You’re not supposed to plan beforehand, and you’re supposed to stop when it ends. We won’t lie and say that we always followed these rules exactly, but we at least tried to stick to them as closely as possible.

The results? A grand total of 27 drabbles, 11 by me and 16 by Tiffany. Tiffany did a few when I wasn’t available. Most of the songs we did are the same due to the fact that they were played on my computer while the two of us were on a skype call, but some are found lacking because they didn’t make the final cut. Either way, the two of us wrote these over the span of a couple weeks, and it feels simply amazing to be getting back to into the swing of things again. I speak for both of us when I say that we hope you enjoy these fail filled drabbles of ours. ^_^

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07 December 2009 @ 12:46 am
So on November 13th and 14th I did something amazing. I was Dir en grey two times in a row. Two. Two nights of amazing. I can't even begin to describe it, partly because I need to study and I'll get all worked up and partly because my mom is walking up the stairs and I need to hide this screen before she-

-Okay now she's in the hall playing with my brother who won't leave me alone so I locked the door and have kpop turned up loud :D ANYWAY.

So a couple quick facts and then I'll post my better pics and a fancam I took. :D and yes, I am also known as Protojae. :D

1: OMFG. The first night, I was about three people from the rail. I would have been in the second row, but some bitch turned and shoved me. *rolls eyes* That's what happens when I try to think about others before myself. Bad. idea. Especially at a NEW YORK concert.

2: Second night, I had my hand ON THE RAIL at times. We got there late, and ended up being about 5 people back. Well, I'm kinda sorta a bitch all the time when I want to be, so I quickly befriended the people around me, and then noticed this lil space that opened up in front of the girls in front of me. They weren't moving, so I *giggle* sweet talked my way into the space. Then I had a few choice words with a freaking giant who kept being all 'Move over there, bitch. There's room on your left. Just move, bitch.' *rolls eyes* to which I replied, 'No. I don't WANT to move over there. I am NOT moving over there." etc. Granted, there were bouncers standing, oh IDK, THREE FEET AWAY FROM US. Next thing I knew, they were shining lights in HIS face and asking if there was a problem. :D. He left me alone after that. So yeah, I was close. I mean really freaking close. I mean I high fived Toshi on stage, and touched the tips of Dai's fingers. Yes.

3: I got autographs from Kaoru, Toshiya, Shinya, and Daisuke.

4: I HUGGED TOSHIYA AND DIE. YES. TOSHIYA IS A STICK. I MEAN TAEMIN RAN THROUGH MY HEAD AT THAT EXACT MOMENT. AND DAI IS A PERVERT. My sister has an...uh...well...her chest is...uh....yeah I think you catch my drift. She hugged him, too, and he GLOMPED HER. I mean boobage+chest. It was amazing. He kinda did the same with me sorta, butttt my chest isn't quite so...yeah. I'M NOT SMALL. I'M PROPORTIONATE....:D

Pics and Video HereCollapse )

Post dedicated to inmyseoul 'cause I promised her I'd give these pics to her forever ago and never got around to it XD
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Title: Perfectly Imperfect
Rating: G
Pairing: JongKey if you want it to be JongKey, but no pairing if you don't want a pairing. Subtle 2Min.
Genre: Fluff (<-- *gasp* INORITE? Me? Write fluff? Long time no see.)
Summary: Kibum is sick, Jonghyun is there for him.
Authors Note: To be honest, this has NOTHING to do with the fact that every K-pop idol and his brother has the swine flu now. I've had this idea in my head for over half a year, I've just never gotten around to writing it.
Length: 9 pages, 4,373 words

Dedicated to:
Mitsukai No Tsuma, because she's pretty much what has kept me writing at all since May. She's amazing, and would have beta'd this....but I think she fell asleep, and I finished it about five minutes ago.

ShepardLover, because she's amazing and I miss talking to her like crazy. Her fan-fics have inspired me to try and write many, many times since I abandoned writing all those months ago, and I still read ~every one~ of her posts, I just never comment. Also, she's really freaking incredible because she's never yelled at me for always saying I'll comment but never commenting. Now I just never comment because...well....I don't think I've commented on her stuff in about...half a year, and I don't even know if she remembers me or not.

Kiariad, because she made me feel so freaking good that I actually started working on fics that have been dead since around April. She's great to talk to, and I have to reply to her PM....which I'll do....sometimes soon...when I'm not studying for a math test.

The Asian Pikachu, 'cause she's just entertaining as hell, and she's a real sweet heart.

Excerpt: I opened my mouth to protest, but no words came to mind. Then I sighed, and nodded my head in agreement. “Well you’re an egotistical pain in the ass,” I said sarcastically and pushed his hand off of my chin. With Small Man Syndrome,’ I added in my head. I slid my legs off of the sofa and rested my elbows on my knees. My hand lifted to create a resting place for my forehead to compensate for the dizzying rush that sitting up had caused.

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24 May 2009 @ 04:50 pm

Title: Shine
Rating: G
Paring: N/A
Genre: Angst
Summary: Jonghyun tells a story about what would happen if he was forced out of SHINee broke up...what would happen if he no longer had his brothers.

(If you have read any of my other stories you should already know this.  It has a happy ending XD)

ShineCollapse )Also, please be kind XD I have bronchitis :P not fun lmao
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08 May 2009 @ 03:47 am
Title: Beats of Broken Hearts
Pairing: OnKey
Rating: PG 13
Genre: Angst (happy ending ppls)
Summary: After an intense fight, Kibum takes refuge at his parents house where he's an emotional wreck. Jinki, not willing to give on on the relationship, follows him and refuses to leave until Kibum talks to him.

I had barely eaten since I had fallen into her arms three days prior. My face was pale and numb, soaked with the endless stream of burning tears that haunted my every waking moment. The thick wool blanket that my father had draped over my lifeless form had long since lost its warmth. Even the raging fire that roared mere feet from my perch could do nothing to stop the constant tremble in my hands; I felt...dead.Collapse )
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20 April 2009 @ 01:17 am
Title: Drive
Pairing: OnKey but not focused on them. Friendly relationship between Jinki and Taemin.
Rating: G
Summary: Taemin can't sleep so leader Jinki comes to help.

DriveCollapse )
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09 April 2009 @ 02:59 am

Title: _________
Rating: R, Mature themes.
Summary:  Kibum is curious about Taemin's body.  So, he gives Minho the task of finding out.
Genre:  Crack lmao complete crack.
Pairing: 2Min

I just wrote this to prove something to someone on another site lmfao.  I cannot write at all if I don't work my ass off.  This was me just sitting down and being goofy.  I didn't try and force the flow in or anything XD it's just fun crack.  The good thing is though, that I finally made a 2Min fic!!!!   Oh, and if you're against Taemin being 'mature' (XD) then this fic is not for you.  LMAO.  This fic is making me giggle.  No clue where it came from.


Cracky Fic!Collapse )
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